U Must Remeber These Actress Name For The False Eyelash Or Eyelash Extensions

- Jun 13, 2019-

Regarding false eyelashes, there are several actress names that are worth remembering. In 1930, Bette Davis's false eyelashes were worn by her famous fascinating electric eye, which was called the last nobleman of Hollywood. In the 1960s, supermodel Twiggy wore three layers of false eyelashes in the lower eyelids, setting a strong personal style. Now Katy Perry once again pushes the false eyelashes to the extreme, and jointly launched the same name false eyelashes with the famous false eyelash brand Eylure; Japanese actress Ayumi Hamasaki, her makeup for ten years is basically inseparable from the false eyelashes, including Japan. the most classic is the endorsement of the model Yiruo Wing. The false eyelash image that she endorsed has become the imitation of the thousands of Asian girls. To say that Actress launches false eyelash brand, it has gradually become a trend, but what style of brand they produce is not suitable for you, telling you what you like, basically what kind of makeup style you prefer, her fake eyelashes What style is biased towards. 

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