The Different Styels Eyelash Extensions Material

- Jun 28, 2019-

It is well known that with the improvement of living standards, grafting eyelash extensions has become a fashion of the moment.

As you become beautiful,do you pay attention to what raw materials are you wearing or grafting?

According to the data , the current eyelash materials on the market generally have siberian mink fur, faux mink fur ,Korea imported PBT fiber materials, common synthetic silk, human hair,horse hair, etc., but used in the general Korean imported PBT fiber materials for grafting eyelashes, but with the current increase in demand, many sellers are not doing well. The common synthetic silk is used as a rew material for Korean imported PBT fiber, and buyers must pay attention when buying eyelash extesions.Attached a pictures of some improted Korea PBT fiber to help identify.