Teach You To Clean False Eyelashes At Home

- Aug 14, 2018-

The new fake eyelashes used once seems too wasteful, but if reused, the thick glue on them looks really affect the makeup, so today we will teach you a quick and easy way to clean the fake eyelashes, love make-up you can never miss.

STEP1: First of all, soak the cotton swab with water and oil separated eye discharge solution, to soak very wet, and then gently wipe the root of false eyelashes

STEP2: In order to remove eyeshadow and residual eyeliner and mascara, press the cotton pad on your eyes with makeup remover and moisturize it. After about 30 seconds, it is very clean. At this time, the eyelashes are removed with glue on the roots.

STEP3: Fold the clean cotton in two rectangles, notice a narrow one slightly wide, then cut it open, and then soak the cotton into the eye makeup remover.

STEP4: Put the false eyelashes on the wide half, and of course leave the hair slightly outside. Don't wrap the whole false eyelashes in, remember, or it may deform. Then cover the narrow one and gently compact the roots with your fingers so that the liquid will soak as far as possible.

STEP 5: Bend the cotton pad and press the two cotton pads firmly. The next day when you remove it, you will see two black prints, which means the glue is off.