Overview And Function Of 3D False Eyelashes

- Aug 14, 2018-

Parents usually have no careful observation, people's eyelashes are not growing at the same level, oh, people's real eyelashes are divided into three-dimensional growth, oh, they will be around the eyelids, 2-4 layer growth, oh, so that not only can the sunny eye layers of multiple protection, but also play a good role in modifying the sunny eye.

The ordinary false eyelash has only a simple layer because of technology and labor cost. 3D false eyelashes are hand-made at 3 levels.

3D super soft three-dimensional false eyelashes

3D multi-storey stereo effect, super natural and super realistic, just like born to achieve vaccination.

This eyelash is 9 mm long in the eyes, 7 mm in length, and 5 mm in length.

Suitable for daily life makeup, work, school, photo, friends gathering, visiting relatives and friends, etc.