How To Maintain False Eyelashes

- Aug 14, 2018-

False eyelashes are delicate and delicate, very fragile. Therefore, we should pay great attention to:

1. remove from the box and gently remove it from the direction of the eyelash. When uncovering the eyelids, hold the false eyelashes in the middle and pull them down quickly. Do not pull two or three hairs down.

2. used false eyelashes should thoroughly remove the adhesive and glue them into the box. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder and eyelash oil onto false eyelashes, or smear or destroy false eyelashes.

3. use special makeup remover to clean false eyelashes. Rubbing false eyelashes with cotton pads, starting with the roots and then the front part. Action must be light, otherwise it can not be recycled.