How To Distinguish The Curvature Of Grafted Eyelashes

- Aug 14, 2018-

Is there a distinction between the curvature of grafted eyelashes? The answer is yes, the curvature is divided into J, B, C, D, DD, M, L, L+, U and so on. Now, there are mainly three kinds of the most mainstream grafting eyelash curl, which are J, B and C respectively.

J: The curvature closest to the real eyelashes is very natural. It can lengthen the length of the eyelashes. It is suitable for girls who want long lashes and don't wear makeup very often.

B: Obvious curvature, the most popular curvature, makes the eyes brighter and more energetic, suitable for girls who want to have an eye effect.

C: it's very curly. The false eyelash has a great sense of makeup. It's suitable for girls who want to exaggerate curling or stage makeup. Do you feel much relieved after reading the above content? Eyelashes are really a great experience. Natural, slender, curly, and rooted effects can satisfy almost every imagination of a beautiful eyelash. However, its charm is not only that, in the face of every important but also too late, as long as there is it, even without makeup can make you look good.