False Eyelashes Is The Best Choice For Wearing Masks During The Epidemic

- Jun 29, 2020-

The unexpected new coronavirus attack makes the face mask a must-have accessory for everyone to leave. For the health of ourselves and others, we all need to wear masks to go out. 

But I don't know what the strange reason is. When looking at some colleagues and friends wearing masks, there is always a feeling that everyone is not awake. Finally found that the problem is in the eyes!

After wearing the mask, the focus of the entire makeup is on the eyes, so whether it is eye shadow or eyelashes, it must be based on the highest configuration. Make the eyelashes grow thick and dense, and curl, the eyes will look more divine and innocent, but also enlarge your eyes, highlight the focus of makeup. Then false eyelashes have to bear a heavy responsibility.

At Cogentlashes, which company focused on the design and production of false eyelashes for 15+ years. We can provide different types of false eyelashes to meet your different occasions and mood needs.

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