What is the function of false eyelashes?

- Aug 14, 2018-

Increase your eyes.

First of all, false eyelashes should be chosen to suit their own eyes to increase their eyes. The simplest option: determine the length of the false eyelashes according to the width of your eyelids. That is to say, the wider the eyelids, the longer the false eyelashes can be. This will increase the eyelid's visual acuity and the tension of the eyes.

Tips: single eyelids or small inner pairs are suitable for short natural false eyelashes.

Change eye type

And Eyeliner a truth, choose the stem is black cotton thread false eyelashes, have the effect of elongating the eyes, and then with the upper and lower Eyeliner depiction, so that eyelash Eyeliner line into one, to false chaotic true, correct imperfect eye shape. And false eyelashes can cover up the shadow and darkening of the upper eyelids, and enhance the stereoscopic sense of the eyes.

Tips: in addition to the upper and lower eyeliner, the lower eyelash is also a sharp weapon to change the eye type.

Changing the proportion of facial features

False eyelashes can solve the problems of sparse, soft and unshaped eyelashes. The shape of the eyelashes that open upward can make you look like a Barbie doll's upper body immediately. When the length, size and shape of the eyes are changed, the proportion of the five senses varies.

Tips: Lower eyelashes also have a lot of natural lifelike styles, single or partial lower eyelashes, and can also be fake.