How to choose false eyelashes according to eye type

- Aug 14, 2018-

Before putting on fake eyelashes, we need to understand the fact that fake eyelashes are designed to help you shape your eyes and make up heavier, not to exaggerate and dramatize your makeup. So you can try any type of false eyelash. After all, our aim is to change ourselves.

Single eye and near eye distance suitable for eye tail and thick false eyelashes.

False eyelashes with thickened tails can lengthen the eyes horizontally, and the use of these fake eyelashes on a single eyelid can make the tail lower and softer.

People with close eye distance are suitable for false eyelashes with heavier eye tail, because it can increase the visual proportion of eye tail, thus giving the feeling of eye opening.

Apricot eye type suitable for middle thick false eyelashes.

The apricot eye, because of its elongation, tends to appear tiny, and the exacerbation of false eyelashes in the eye can invisibly increase the range of the eye up and down. Make your eyes bigger.