Advantages of grafting eyelashes

- Aug 14, 2018-

1. Without mascara, you can keep your eyes bright and lively, shining like a sunrise on the back of the house, and your eyes like a bright moon.

2. Whether you're washing your face, bathing or swimming, don't worry about eyelashes falling off. It keeps you natural at all times.

3. Can create natural makeup for you, let your eyes like autumn water, such as cold stars, such as jewels, so that you can go anywhere graceful.

4. You can choose the length, thickness and curvature of your eyelashes at will to form your own unique style and display your charming charm.

5. Suitable for various occasions, make-up your eyes no matter where you can look like a meteor, emitting Charm

6. Can let eyelashes longer, brush, if light clouds cover the moon, make the eyes bigger and more shiny, float, if the wind back to snow, let your charm unfold without reservation.

7, a standard degree of rolling can make false eyelashes into a real eyelash.

8. Can deduce the effect of eyelid cream, make eyelashes add makeup color, and hair color, pupil color coordination, create a new supernatural beauty.

9. Can make eyelashes super comfortable roll, just like a Barbie doll, has the effect of beautiful pupil, make eyes big and round, black and bright and moist

10, eyelash curly and thick, can make the eyelash at the end of the eye show a more fluid extension.