Wide Base Premade Eyelashes

Place of Origin:China, Shandong
Type:Hand Made
Brand Name:Cogentbeauty
Material:Synthetic Hair
Service:OEM ODM
MOQ:100 trays
Style:Wide base
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Product Details

The process of producing false eyelashes

Our Wide base premade eyelashes are new products that have recently appeared, and they are selling hotly.

Human eyelashes decorate the "window of the soul". Eyes with beautiful eyelashes are a manifestation of a person's beauty. Nowadays, modern women pay more and more attention to eyelashes, and having long, thick, slender and curly eyelashes has become the pursuit and dream of most women. At present, in life, eyelash grafting has been the makeup method that many women choose.

In the current production process of false eyelashes, the wool used as the raw material requires workers to manually place the tufts on the drawn drawings with tweezers, and then use tape to shape them. This process is the wool glue step.

After the wool is glued, the wool needs to be crossed and overlapped to form a wool bundle. This process is called a blending process. As the current blending process uses workers to place the wool manually, the height of each wool needs to be adjusted manually during the blending process, so the production of false eyelashes is done by hand. Such false eyelashes will be more beautiful.

So if you need our wide base premade eyelashes, please contact us.




Q: What is the MOQ for the lashes? 

A: Usually 20 trays, depending on the order details. 

Q: Can samples be sent to customers? 

A: Yes, samples are supported . 

Q: Do you take orders for private labels? 

A: Yes. We do. We accepted OEM and ODM. 

Q: How long does the producing and delivery time? 

A: Around time depends on the amount of your order, info our service team to get more details please. Q: Are you the factory & if is it possible to visit your factory before we work together?

A: Yes, We are the manufacturer, which has 15+ years experience in Qingdao.

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