Premade Volume Eyelash Extensions

material:imported type:100% handmade diameter;0.05 0.07mm curl:C D with 3D-10D a bunch The premade fan volume eyelash is very easy to graft the skin,easy operation,make you eyes look beautiful.
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Our premade volum eyelash extension are of the highest quality, consistent fan shape and easy to use. Save time and speed up lash application times

Today, the popular Premade Volume eyelash extensions grafting, the domestic method is also called camellia or eyelash flowering, the grafting effect is dense and natural, and not heavy.

It is to put single eyelashes into a flower-like shape and glue it to a real eyelash. If you want to be thicker, you can use 4D, 5D grafting, and of course 6D, but it is not recommended to put too many premade volume eyelash extensions .So grafting on a real eyelash will have a slight weight.

The most important thing is that you can't stick the grafted premade volume eyelash  extension with other eyelashes together, otherwise the eyes will be very uncomfortable. Everyone chooses to use eyelashes to recommend a pure Japanese-style eyelash shop. Japanese-style grafting will be more natural health and comfort.



volume eyelash3_副本_副本

volume eyelash2_副本