Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

Material:Synthetic Hair, Synthetic Hair,top korean PBT fiber
Type:Hand Made
False Eyelashes Style:Natural Long
Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07MM, 0.10mm
Color:Nature black
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Product Details

Human eyelashes are the longest in the middle and slightly shorter on the sides, usually between 5 mm and 10 mm in length. If you want false eyelashes to look natural after wearing them, the length should not be too exaggerated and the width should fit your eye shape. When using false eyelashes, first fix the false eyelashes to the base of the eyelashes with tweezers. If false eyelashes need to be cut to the same length as their own eyes, the tail of the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension should not exceed the eyelashes. Therefore, false eyelashes appear in the eyes for a quarter of the time, otherwise closing the eyes will cause discomfort.

After obtaining the proper length, bend the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension into a "C" shape and hold it for about 20 seconds, then the curved false eyelashes can fit our eyes perfectly. You must meet false eyelashes at the end of the eyelashes. This is not because the glue is not good, but because the false eyelashes are too hard.

Before putting on false eyelashes, curl the eyelashes with a curler before applying mascara, because the eyelashes will not be curled by the false eyelashes. For applying Russian Volume Eyelash Extension, the effect is natural and real. Eyelash curlers curl before false eyelashes, and mascara can also be used to help to repair the curvature of the eyelashes. 



volume eyelash2_副本

volume eyelash3_副本



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