Premade Volume Lash Fans

Premade Volume Lash Fans
Material:Korea PBT Fiber
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:cogentbeauty
Type:Hand Made
Color:Nature black
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Let's take a look at Premade Volume Lash Fans together

一、Classification of eyelash extensions from the material:

1. Synthetic eyelashes

Advantages: low price, diverse styles, individual colors can be selected

Disadvantages: the material is harder, heavier, easy to crush the eyelashes

2. Silk protein fiber eyelashes

Advantages: the weight is the lightest among the three, it is not easy to collapse the eyelashes, and has a certain shape and curling degree

Disadvantages: fewer styles, among the three

3. Mink hair

Advantages: close to real human hair, soft and natural hair, good gloss

Disadvantages: Like human hair, the curl is easy to drop when exposed to water, and there is no choice of thickness

4. Natural real hair

Advantages: soft, natural, but need care

Disadvantages: Most natural eyelashes are fakes. Even if they have, they will be dull because of lack of vitality, especially they are not elastic, waterproof, and not suitable for eyelash grafting.

二、Classification of grafted eyelashes from the curl of eyelashes:

1. C curl: The degree of curl is strong, and it can be rolled up with a curler. It looks like a doll, but the part that is pasted with natural eyelashes is weak and easy to fall off.

2. J curl: The end is naturally curled up, suitable for Asians to use eyelashes, very natural and most popular... The glued part with natural eyelashes is stronger and lasts longer.

3. D curl: It can make the sparse eyelashes appear thick, without the need to paste the entire eyelashes, the grafting time is shorter, and it can be used to highlight the middle part.

三、The matters needing attention when choosing eyelashes:

1. Length: It is best to choose eyelashes of 9mm-13mm, which can be designed to fit the length of natural eyelashes.

2. Curled shape: The most suitable shape for natural eyelashes. The artificial eyelashes with excessive curling are difficult to maintain for a long time, and they are not natural enough and slightly exaggerated.

3. Luster: semi-plated

4. Thickness:

A, 0.10mm

B, 0.15mm (the most commonly used eyelashes)

C, 0.20mm (when it is necessary to emphasize, add appropriately.)

Wish each of us can find the right Premade Volume Lash Fans.


ColorNatural Black
TypePrefanned volume eyelash extension
PaymentT/T,Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram
MaterialKorea PBT Fiber
Delivery timeasap if in stock, others 2-3weeks according to quantity
Samplecan be offered
Packageplastic box, outer packing is carton, accept customer package







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1.What’s is the payment method?

 We accept PayPal, bank transfer (T/T), Western Union and MoneyGram. PayPal is a secure and trustworthy payment  processing service which we can get the payment as soon as you pay.

2.Do you provide samples?

 Yes, we offer free sample, but please pay for the express cost.

3. Can you supply order with customer logo and package?

 Of course, we can. But it needs MOQ.

4.What's the price range for each pair of eyelash?

  Please contact us for special lashes price based on special styles.

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