Premade Lash

Place of Origin:China, Shandong
Type:Hand Made
Brand Name:Cogentbeauty
Material:Synthetic Hair
Service:OEM ODM
MOQ:100 trays
Style:Wide base
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Product Details

Eyelash grafting has always been a popular item in the festival paty, and the project of Premade Lash shows its absolute advantages-fast operation and strong makeup. Next, let’s talk about the characteristics of the grafting technique of the hair.

What is blooming eyelashes (flowering eyelashes)? It is a term that distinguishes it from individual eyelashes. The roots of the hairs consist of 3 to 10 eyelashes stuck together in one place, in the shape of an inverted A letter. Different thickness and number of roots will also have different effects, and will have different needs for different customers.

The advantages of Premade Lash:

1) The speed is fast, and the grafting speed generally only needs 1/3 of the time for single grafting. Because the flowers have already been bloomed in advance, only the grafting work is required. So it saves time especially for novices.

2) High density and strong makeup. The roots of the eyelashes seem to be lined with eyeliner. If you want to make your eyes more enchanting and charming, you can try Premade Lash, he will show different effects.

Any problem ,you can tell me friend ,we will try our best to meet your need .


Ultra-light weight, superior curl retention with radiant jet-black shine.


Easy to pick: easy fanning eyelash extension can be easily removed from the transfer belt. Paper strips can be easily removed from the principle.


Q: What is the MOQ for the products? 

A: Depending on the order details. Large quantity can get the discount.

Q: Can samples be sent to customers?

A: Yes, samples are supported ( some items for free sample). 

Q: Do you take orders for private labels?

A: Yes. We do. We can make your own private paper card as your requirement.

Q: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

A: Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo and your request, we will make the design.

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