Premade Lash Fans

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Type:Hand Made
Curl:C D or other customized curl
Material:Synthetic Hair
Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm
Color:Natural Black or customized color
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Product Details

A brief introduction of our premade lash fans

Presumably everyone knows what the premade lash fans are. The premade fan lashes use a tuft of hairs attached to the root to form a flower shape, which is grafted onto a real eyelash. In addition, when the hairs are produced, in order to facilitate the grafting, the roots have been fixed to make the eyelashes into a flower shape. However, since the roots of the eyelashes are not sharpened, they are "wide and flat". When grafting, the glue will increase and the paste will be firmer.

In addition, our premade lash fans have many advantages:

1. It is very safe. Although each of our real eyelashes has a limited load-bearing capacity and can only bear 1.5 times the weight of our own eyelashes at most, as long as the correct grafting method is adopted, the false eyelashes will not fall off for a long time.

2. It is very comfortable. In addition to eyelash extensions, the most important thing is to look good and comfortable. Our fake eyelashes will not discomfort and feel heavy, just like your own eyelashes.

3. This premade lash fans is more durable. According to feedback from many customers, if the grafting technique is correct, the shedding within 20-30 days after grafting is not obvious, so it can basically be maintained for a long period of time.


Korean PBT Fiber


10 trays


Black color or customized color


Accepted private label

Ship time 

Shipping in 3-7 days after paid 

Free sample 

Contact us for free sample





Q: What is the MOQ for the lashes? 

A: Usually 20 trays, depending on the order details. Q: Can samples be sent to customers? A: Yes, samples are supported . Q: Do you take orders for private labels? A: Yes. We do. We accepted OEM and ODM. Q: How long does the producing and delivery time? A: Around time depends on the amount of your order, info our service team to get more details please. Q: Are you the factory & if is it possible to visit your factory before we work together? A: Yes, We are the manufacturer, which has 15+ years experiance in Qingdao.

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