Premade Fanned Lash Extension

Premade fanned lash extension is the very hot styles in the market now. As it can let the customers have a very thicker effect eyelash easily .we can see from its name ,they are premade the fan shape , then called the premade fanned lash extension . usually it have the long stem , short stem...
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The Premade Fanned Lash Extension is a very popular style on the market now because it allows customers to easily have very thick eyelashes. From its name we can see that they are pre-made fan-shaped, then called Premade Fanned Lash Extension. Usually it has long stems, short stems, clusters, etc. Others are similar to normal eyelash extensions. The length is available in 9 to 13 mm, and the thickness is usually 0.05 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.10 mm, and so on. They are all very hot now. This is because several eyelashes are more likely to produce a dense grafting effect. For the grafter, the Premade Fanned Lash Extension is also easier to use. As many have said, prolapse of the eyelashes is more chaotic, which is mainly related to the grafting technique. Even if the grafter has good skills, they recommend that you come back for lashes after 2-3 weeks, to remove long, falling or messy eyelashes, then graft good eyelashes to the newly grafted state. Because you don't need to remove the good eyelashes, pick out the bad eyelashes as early as possible to keep them longer.

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