Premade Fanned Lash Extension

Item name: Premade Fanned Lash Extension
Package: 12 rows per box
Length: 8-16mm
Thickness: 0.05/0.07/0.10mm
Curl: C D
Payment: Paypal,western union,Y/T,money gram
Delivery term: asap if in stock, others 2-3 weeks according to quantity
Package: paper box/plastic box/magnetic box as customized,outer package is carton
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Product Details

The Premade Fanned Lash Extension is a very popular style on the market now because it allows customers to easily have very thick eyelashes. From its name we can see that they are pre-made fan-shaped, then called Premade Fanned Lash Extension. Usually it has long stems, short stems, clusters, etc. Others are similar to normal eyelash extensions. The length is available in 9 to 13 mm, and the thickness is usually 0.05 mm, 0.07 mm, 0.10 mm, and so on. They are all very hot now. This is because several eyelashes are more likely to produce a dense grafting effect. For the grafter, the Premade Fanned Lash Extension is also easier to use. As many have said, prolapse of the eyelashes is more chaotic, which is mainly related to the grafting technique. Even if the grafter has good skills, they recommend that you come back for lashes after 2-3 weeks, to remove long, falling or messy eyelashes, then graft good eyelashes to the newly grafted state. Because you don't need to remove the good eyelashes, pick out the bad eyelashes as early as possible to keep them longer.

Item  namePremade Fanned lash extension
Package12 rows per box
Paymentpaypal, western union, T/T, moneygram
Materialtop korean PBT fiber
MOQ20 trays/style
Delivery Timeasap if in stock, others 2-3 weeks according to quantity
Size 2D-10D
Packagepaper box/plastic box/magnetic box as customized, outer package is carton


1:Do you have any harmto animals in the process of getting mink hair?

All animal fur lashes are totally cruelty free,obtained by gently brushing live animals,without harming them,every single lashes are sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability.

2: What should I do to get the sample I want?

Please then contact our customer service specialist she will help you.

3:Why do you choose us?

 Our products have good quality,reasonable prices and stylish designs,and are extensively used in fashion industry and personal use.

     If you have any questions about the product, you can consult us,we will help you to answer and make  your satisfied products!!!

                      Wish    you   a   happy  shopping!!!


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