Premade Fan Volume Eyelashes

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:cogentbeauty
Material:Synthetic Hair,top korean PBT fiber
Type:Hand Made, Hand Made
False Eyelashes Style:Natural Long
Curl:B, D, C, J
Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07MM, 0.10mm
Color:Nature black
Sample:Offering free sample
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Product Details

How to remove false eyelashes in a right way? 

Steam and oil removal

1. First, if you apply makeup, you must remove it first. Using a mild makeup remover to remove mascara and eyeliner to help you see natural lashes when you graft.

2. Face absorbs steam: Hot steam helps to relax the Premade Fan Volume Eyelashes. A bowl of water can be heated in a microwave oven to a temperature sufficient to generate steam. Face the bowl, cover a towel over your head, and keep the surrounding water vapor on your face. You can also use steamed face or hot towel on your face for better removal of Premade Fan Volume Eyelashes.

3. Then moisten the cotton swab with olive oil, make sure the cotton swab is completely saturated, and then wipe the root of the eyelashes with a cotton ball, taking care not to get your eyes on it. Continue wiping eyelashes until all false eyelashes fall off

4. Finally, washing the Premade Fan Volume Eyelashes, pour warm water on the eyelashes, and then rinse off the olive oil. You can also use a mild cleanser to gently remove the remaining olive oil.



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