0.07mm Russian Volume Eyelash extension

Brand Name:cogentbeauty Model Number:3D-10D Material:Synthetic Hair, Synthetic Hair Type:Hand Made False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long Curl:B, D, C, J Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07MM, 0.10mm Color:Nature black Sample:Offering Style:3D-10D length:8-15mm
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Product Details

Apply a small amount of adhesive on the edge of the 0.07mm Russian volume eyelash extension. Because the ends are easy to fall off, the amount should be slightly more. Note that the adhesive should not stick to the false eyelashes.

pply a layer of eyelash glue along your eyelashes. The length of the eye should be measured before applying the adhesive. If it is too long, the 0.07mm Russian volume eyelash extension need to be trimmed. When applying the adhesive, hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and apply them carefully. Be careful to apply them evenly. When the adhesive is dry, the adhesion is the strongest. After about 5 seconds, when the adhesive is quick-drying, the false eyelashes should be bent to make it soft. Then, look at the mirror, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, and gently press the false eyelashes along the roots of the eyelashes. Press and hold for about 10 seconds to make the true and false eyelashes completely fit.

It is worth noting that the adhesive has the strongest binding force when dry, and is transparent on the skin, and the effect is good. If the adhesive is not dry, it will stick, and if the 0.07mm Russian volume eyelash extension are not sticky, it will sag. Repeated several times, the adhesive will become whitish, so I have to use the eyeliner to change it to cover.

After the false eyelashes are removed, pour the cleansing oil onto the cleansing cotton, then wrap the cleansing cotton in the place where the mascara is applied for a few seconds, and gently wipe it off.Then clean it up, save it well, and then use the glue as usual to repeat it




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