Premade Fans Eyelash

Material:Korea PBT Fiber
Type:Hand Made
Brand Name:cogentbeauty
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
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                                                             premade fans eyelash

Premade fans eyelash is very special. At present, the eyelash beauty technology on the market has developed very well. There are many related technologies that have been welcomed by many women. Compared with applying mascara, this is after all a relatively time-saving and labor-saving thing. The most important thing is Don’t worry about flower makeup, but in fact, you need to choose to make beautiful eyelashes. There are still many styles of beautiful eyelashes. Take the more popular hairs at the moment, there are many girls you like, so what about this beautiful eyelashes How about the style? Today I will introduce to you.

I believe that everyone who does eyelash beauty technology wants to achieve the following goals: thick eyelashes, curling, natural effect, long retention time, and making yourself look more confident!First, thick curling eyelashes    Thick curling eyelashes, this beautiful eyelash can be done! The hair is on a main branch, extending more eyelash branches. The style of this eyelash itself has a better thick effect. Therefore, after making beautiful eyelashes, the thick effect will be very good.

Second, the natural level is above the natural level, and the effect of the hair is relatively poor. As we said earlier, because of the special form of the beautiful eyelashes, the thickness is exaggerated, so it is very uncomfortable for those eyes. For older girls, these eyelashes are really not ideal, especially for girls with small eyes who have single eyelids, they definitely can't choose this style of eyelashes!Of course, generally speaking, the eyelash artists of the regular eyelash beauty store will suggest these to customers. For example, the storefront of the brand Meipai Eyelash often encounters such customers and asks for hair grafting. Will analyze the pros and cons! Third, keep the time, you must know that compared to other beauty eyelash styles, premade fans eyelash is a more exaggerated beauty eyelash style, whether it is in terms of its curling degree or its length. of. Therefore, its weight is also relatively large, which will make our own eyelashes bear a relatively large weight, and eventually cause the eyelashes to fall quickly!

Having said that, in fact, it is best for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will treat everyone seriously and will not bury our beauty because of money.Please contact me, I am waiting for you at cogentbeauty.


Korea PBT Fiber






Hand Made

Brand Name




Q:Can I test sample first?
--Yes, sure. Sample test is available.

Q2: How much will my shipping charge be? --The shipping charge will depend on the weight and volume of your order,shipping methods, and final destination. 
Q3:What’s the delivery time?
--It depends on your order details and quantity.
Usually is 5-7days after payment received.
Q4:Do you supply OEM & ODM service?
--Yes, of course. We can help you make your own label packing.
Q5:Is it ok to print my logo on box of eyelashes product?
--Yes.Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.
Q6:How about the quality of your product?
--We main supply top quality product, promise the material is the real PBT synthetic material from Korean

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