False Eyelash Extension

Material;100% imported korea PBT fiber Length :9mm-17mm thickness:0.03-0.25mm or other thickness customized type:100% handmade Advantage:Super soft, cashmere feel, luxurious, fluffy
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Product Details

The material of false eyelash extension is korea PBT fiber with high grade quality.It is more soft,natural,fluffy,make you eye more blazing and confident.How to graft the false eyelash extension?

  1. First step:Prepare the tools you need.Important tools include: mascara brush, glue gang, eyelash tweezer, air blow, glue, false eyelash remover. You should prepare these tools for use before they can graft the eyelashes.

  2. Eyelash disinfection.Before making grafting false eyelash extension, we should pay attention to disinfecting the eyelashes first. When disinfecting, we need to carefully spray the eyelash cleaning liquid on the cotton swab, then wipe the roots of our eyelashes with a cotton swab.

  3. Dip the glue with a glue stick.Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the cotton swab and apply a glued cotton swab to the root of the false eyelash extension.

  4.  Fix false eyelashes by tweezers.Do not loosen immediately after sticking. Use the elbow part of the tweezersto gently hold the sticky eyelashes and fix it for a few seconds.