One Second Flowering Eyelash

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:cogentbeauty
Material:korean silk, silk/synthetic hair/korean PBT fiber
Type:Hand Made
False Eyelashes Style:Natural Long
Curl:B C D U L ETC
False Eyelashe
Color:natural black/colorful/rainbow/two tone/or customized
Package:10/12/16/20 rows per tray
Payment:paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram
Sample:offering free sample
Length:8-15mm or other length customized
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Product Details

Benefits of One Second Flowering Eyelash grafting:

Before grafting the real eyelashes, clamp the middle of the multiple false eyelashes with the special tweezers for grafting eyelashes at the lower left corner, so that the back ends of the false eyelashes are close together, and the front ends of the false eyelashes are spread out like a camellia, and then the special glue for grafting eyelashes Glue the back end of the false eyelash cluster to the real eyelashes. After the grafting process is completed, the roots of multiple false eyelashes look like one, while the front ends of the false eyelash clusters are spread out like a blooming camellia. One Second Flowering Eyelash is better than ordinary The effect of the eyelash grafting method is more dense, beautiful, natural and lifelike. Because the number of grafts on the real eyelashes is reduced, the grafting speed is increased, and the discomfort during the grafting process is reduced for customers. The material is smaller and softer. One Second Flowering Eyelash grafting Then it brings lightness, zero negative feeling, soft and comfortable feeling to the customer’s eyelashes. It also reduces the grafting time and improves the grafting quality, so that the false eyelashes are not easy to fall off after grafting. The camellia-shaped eyelash grafting method

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