0.07mm C YY Eyelash Extension

Brand Name:cogentbeauty
Model Number:YY Style
Material:korean PBT fiber
Type:Hand Made
False Eyelashe Type:individual Lashes
False Eyelashes Band:no stalk
False Eyelashes Style:Thick
color: nature black
package: 3/6/12 rows
payment: paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram
material:korean PBT fiber
Service:OEM/ ODM
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Product Details

We begin to learn the steps to stick false eyelashes.

Preparation tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clips.

After trimming your eyelashes, first check that the 0.07mm C YY eyelash extension is the same length as your eyes. If it is too long, it needs to be trimmed. In general, the tail will be longer and it is best to cut from the tail, but pay attention to the two false eyelashes that are trimmed symmetrically.

Before applying eyelash glue, it is best to massage 0.07mm C YY eyelash extension to make it softer so that you can adjust the curl of the eyes.

Pay attention to the application of eyelash glue, because it is the easiest to lift in front of the eyes and the end of the eyes, so you should apply a little more. At this time, the small clip can play a very good role, you can use it to adjust the eyelashes, starting from the middle, and then slowly adjust the end of the eyes and eyes.

The most critical step is to fill the blank with eyeliner after the 0.07mm C YY eyelash extension are connected, because sometimes the glue doesn't dry out easily, it will show white and look weird.







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