Mink Lash Extensions

Having longer and thicker eyelashes is what most female friends dream of. But wear the false eyelash ,will be very troublesome thing ,if not wear well ,will be not natural. most people want to a long time and natural eyelash , so the grafting mink lash extensions borned,and have solved this...
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Most female friends dream of having longer and thicker eyelashes. But wearing false eyelashes can be very troublesome. If you don't wear well, it will be unnatural. Most people want to a long time and natural eyelash , so the grafting mink lash extensions is borned,and has solved this problem, but there are also many people who worry that grafting suede eyelash extension is harmful to our health and our natural eyelashes. Now we will give the answer from the perspective of people coming over:

1. Our own eyelashes will not reduce too much. I used to worry too much, but every time I went to graft the mink lash extensions, we will first remove some of the original grafts. When I only had my own eyelashes, I would look in the mirror.

2. If the protection is good, you can keep it for one and a half months. It is best to go to graft in the morning, then wash your face with water in the evening. The best time for grafting is to graft at 10 in the morning and wash your face at 10 in the evening. In the middle of 12 hours, the eyelashes do not touch the water, and the effect will last longer. Sometimes grafting at night, then going home to wash your face and sleep, the effect is much shorter

3. When you sleep, don't bury your face on the pillow, so the eyelashes are easy to get dirty.

4. Pay attention when washing your face, gently touch the eyes, this will only lead to the loss of 1, 2 eyelashes or even no

5. After grafting the suede eyelashes, thick and self-contained eyeliner effect, no need to draw eyeliner