Ture Matte Black Eyelash Extension

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Model Number:True black Eyelash Extensions
Type:Hand Made
Curl:C, D, B, J,D+,L,M
Package:10/12/16/20 rows per tray
Brand Name:Cogentbeauty
Material:Korean silk, silk/synthetic hair/korean PBT fiber
Payment:Paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram...
Color:True dark black
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Product Details

When grafting Ture matte black Eyelash, there are three types from the density of eyelashes:

The first type: natural shape, also known as elegant shape: a little longer, denser, and a little more curved than real eyelashes. If you like beautiful eyelashes with natural beauty but don't like being discovered and processed, this style is a good choice! Suitable for work occasions and low-key needs. This style does not put much pressure on the eyelashes and has good eye comfort. It is recommended to choose this style if you are receiving Ture matte black Eyelash for the first time.

The second type: the dense shape, also known as the Barbie shape:

On the basis of natural form, encryption. One real eyelash plus 2 to 3 false eyelashes. After the completion, the eyes have changed a lot, the makeup is very strong, and others will be attracted by the flickering eyelashes the moment they look at you. At the same time, it also reduces age, and is also a magic weapon to increase confidence in social situations.

The third type: exaggerated shape, also known as Cleopatra: on the basis of dense shape, encrypted and lengthened. It is twice as long as real eyelashes and has a density of 3 to 4 times. It is very beautiful after finishing, but the real eyelashes are short and scarce, which cannot bear the length and density of this style. At the same time, its holding time will be shorter. This style is still the best choice if you are attending ceremonies, parties, etc. where heavy makeup is required.

No matter which style, Ture matte black Eyelash will bring you a new experience, because this eyelash is matte black and has no blue tip.


Easy fan volume lashes


Natural black,matte or glossy


Easy fans, soft 


OEM/ODM,Private label


J B C D or Custom


Wholesale, Manufacturer,free sample 


Top quality Soft and natural


12 rows or 16 rows or 20 rows 

Service life

One-two month




1. What are the materials used for your eyelashes?

The main materials are mink fur hair, human hair and korea silk.

2. Do you provide samples?

Yes, we offer free sample, but please pay for the express cost.

3. Can you supply order with customer logo ang package?

Of course, we can, but it needs MOQ.

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