Matte Black lash Extensions

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Model Number:Matte Black lash Extensions
Type:Hand Made
Curl:C, D, B, J,D+,L,M
Package:10/12/16/20 rows per tray
Brand Name:Cogentbeauty
Material:Korean silk, silk/synthetic hair/korean PBT fiber
Payment:Paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram...
Color:Pure dark black
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Product Details

Matte Black lash Extensions, this is a new design.

For ordinary black false eyelashes, the root is black, but the top is slightly blue, so the density will be weakened, but this new Matte Black lash Extensions completely avoids this shortcoming, starting from the root The top is black, and it is completely black. Many customers need to be matte, because it is more in line with the characteristics of our ordinary people, because our eyelashes can also be suitable. We make every detail perfect. We want to satisfy every customer's desire. After our customers wear our Matte Black lash Extensions, they can be thicker, more dazzling, and more perfect to show women's Elegant, noble and unique!

Of course, this eyelash is very popular now. If you want it, you need to confirm in advance. We will arrange production. But if you want a sample, we are also very welcome. You can test the effect of Matte Black lash Extensions. If it’s not good, of course, we agree to your return. This quality is guaranteed by us!

Treating customers faithfully is our criterion! We are waiting here for you 24 hours !



Matte Black lash Extensions


Natural black,matte or glossy,pure black


Easy fans, soft 


OEM/ODM,Private label


J B C D or Custom


Wholesale, Manufacturer,free sample 


Top quality Soft and natural


12 rows or 16 rows or 20 rows 

Service life

One-two month


Q1. Is this Eyelashes is 100% hand made?


Q2.Can Mink Eyelashes be used many times?

Yes,it can be used many times if they are used and removed properly.

Q3.Why choose mink fur hair eyelashes?

The difference is in the quality! Mink hair is 100% natural.It provides a subtle non-artificial shine and has a feather like wispy look.Our lashes can be curled like human hair, and can be use many times with proper care.Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, are fake, unnatural when worn, and can only be 

used a few times.

Q4.Can you curl and use mascara on the lashes ?

Our handcrafted genuine mink hair lashes already have a natural beautiful curl. However if you choose to curl 

them , you can curl the lashes as if they are your own and the curl will maintain its shape for a long time. We do

 not suggest using mascara on the eyelashes as it will give them a less natural look and shorten use time.

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