Cashmere Lash Private Label Eyelash Extension

Material: Korea PBT Fiber
Payment terms: T/T. Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram
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What are the steps and notes for grafting Cashmere Lash Private Label Eyelash Extension at home?

1. Prepare the tools you need-grafting your eyelashes yourself, first of all you need to prepare all the tools you need to graft your eyelashes. Generally, the tools we need are included in the eyelash sets that are bought online and grafted. Important tools include: eyelash brush, glue help, eyelash tweezers, air blower, glue, false eyelash remover. Girls should prepare all the tools they need before grafting their eyelashes.

2. Eyelash disinfection-Before grafting eyelashes, we should pay attention to disinfection of eyelashes. When disinfecting, we need to spray the eyelash cleaning solution on the cotton swab carefully, and then use the cotton swab to wipe the root of our eyelashes. The purpose of disinfection is to remove the oil secreted by the skin on the eyelashes, so that the false eyelashes can better stick to the original eyelashes. The second purpose of disinfection is to remove bacteria on the eyelashes, to avoid eye discomfort caused by eyelash grafting.

3. Dip the glue with a glue stick-squeeze a small amount of glue on the glue stick/cotton stick, and then apply the glued cotton stick to the root of the false eyelashes. Then choose to pick elbow tweezers to take a pinch of Cashmere Lash Private Label Eyelash Extension and stick them to your eyes (you can also use your fingers when your operation is unstable, provided the fingers are clean).

4. Use elbow tweezers to fix false eyelashes-do not release immediately after sticking, use the tweezers of the elbow to gently press the sticky eyelashes and fix for a few seconds. After confirming that they are fixed, blink your eyes a little more. This is done to prevent the glue from dipping too much and sticking to the lower eyelashes. After trying to blink your eyes, you can choose to use a small amount of air blower or dry your eyelashes naturally.


1. After the special eyelash glue is grafted, although it seems to be air-dried, it is not completely cured. At this time, touching the water will make the eyelashes fall off easily, and it may make the glue easy to blush.

2. The grafted eyelashes may catch the fiber, so pay special attention when using towels and other items.

3. Grafted eyelashes are intolerant to irritation. Avoid rubbing the eyes and other actions. Do not rub the eyes. Do not use your hands to pull, pull, or pull the eyelashes.

4. It is recommended to apply an appropriate amount of eyelash styling fluid daily, once a week to consolidate the styling effect of eyelashes.

The above is some related knowledge about grafting eyelashes. It is recommended that you should do the corresponding care work, so that the grafted Cashmere Lash Private Label Eyelash Extension can be fixed better.

Item nameCashmere Flat eyelashes
MaterialKorea PBT Fiber
CurlJ B C D
PackagePlastic box, outer packing is carton, accept customer package
Shipping termExpress
Payment termT/T,Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram
Delivery time10 days







1.What are the materials used for your eyelashes?

The main materials are mink fur hair, human hair and korea silk.

2.Do you provide samples?

 Yes, we offer free sample, but please pay for the express cost.

3. Can you supply order with customer logo and package?

 Of course, we can. But it needs MOQ.

4.Are you trader or manufacture?

 We are the biggest manufacture of eyelashes in China, with more than 15 years' experience.

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