Crystal Tile

Usage:For Eyelash Extension
Style:Eyelash holder
Service:OEM & ODM
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Introduction to the material of eyelash crystal tile

Crystal glass refers to a vessel that resembles crystal, which is made by boiling glass, and is also called artificial crystal. Because natural crystals are scarce and difficult to mine, and cannot meet people's needs, artificial crystal glass was born. Because of its high permeability, it can be made into various handicrafts and is very popular.

Crystal and glass are very similar in appearance, but they are two completely different substances. Our crystal tile is crystal material.

The main differences are as follows:

1. Different materials

Crystal is a crystal of silica, and glass is just a molten mixture containing silica.

2. Different efficacy

Glass only has a decorative function. In addition to the decorative function, crystal also has a piezoelectric effect, which has a special health care function.

3. Different prices

The unit price of crystal is several times or even dozens of times higher than glass.

4. Different physical properties

(1) Crystal is a crystalline body with high hardness (Mohs level 7), while the hardness of glass is low (Mohs level 5.5), crystals can make marks on the glass, but not vice versa.

(2) The crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it will feel cold when touched with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.

(3) It is distinguished by polarizing lens. Crystal can transmit light, but glass cannot.

(4) The high-quality crystal is clear and translucent when looking at the light, there are no small bubbles, no water lines, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.

(5) The processing technology is different. The glass can be formed by hot casting, saving materials and labor, and low cost. Crystal is a crystalline body and cannot be reversed after being heated and melted, so hot casting cannot be used, but cold working methods such as cutting and grinding can only be used.




For Eyelash Extensions


Crystal glue holder


Customized Packing, Private Label


10 pieces





1. What is the MOQ for the Crystal tiles?

10 pieces. Large quantity can get discount.

2. Can you offer samples?

Yes, you can order samples before large order.

3. Do you supply customized packaging ?

Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. 

4. How Long does the shipping take?

The order processing time and shipping time depends on the order details. 

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