Camellia Lashes

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Type:Hand made
Curl:CC, L, B, CD, D+, CURL, BC, D, C
Feature:Fuller Effect,Soft Texture,Natural And Lifelike
Material:Synthetic Hair
Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07mm
Length Of Eyelash:8-15mm (Accept Custom)
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Product Details

About Camellia Lashes grafting:

A perfect makeup requires a perfect eyelashes, and the beauty of eyelashes is gradually valued by current female friends. Being able to have long and thick eyelashes is what most female friends dream of. Nowadays, this kind of luxury is no longer difficult because of the emergence of eyelash grafting technology.

Of course the eyelash extension depends on the quality of your own eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thick and curled, people with this type of eyelashes will have the best results. After grafting the eyelashes, it will not only be thick, curled, but also grow a lot, and it will be very natural and comfortable.

So how long can the grafted eyelashes last?

This is a question that every female friend who does eyelash grafting will think of. Even though eyelashes are always so short, they will grow and fall off at the same time. Usually when washing your face or rubbing your eyes, your eyelashes will fall off. Under normal circumstances, the grafted eyelashes can last for 4-6 weeks. Of course, there are many types of false eyelashes to choose from. This camellia lashes become very hot because of its natural comfort. The length of the camellia lashes is mixed, and it is very natural after grafting, just like your own eyelashes.


Camellia Lashes


Natural black


Mix length Natural




J B C D or Custom


Wholesale, Manufacturer


High quality, Soft and natural


12 rows or 16 rows

Service life

One-two month






1.Q:Can camellia Eyelashes be used many times?

A:Yes,it can be used many times if they are used and removed properly.

2.Q:How do i clean and store the lashes?A:To ensure the longevity of your beautiful handcrafted lashes ,we suggest gently and lightly pulling off any excess glue from the band after wearing them and placing them in their original casing so that they can retain their shape.

3.Q:Does mixed order acceptable?  

A: Yes, you can decide which styles or length or size that you want to order. 

4. Q:What are the materials used for your lashes?

A:The main materials used are faux mink, human hair, mink fur,other animal fur and chemical fiber.

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