One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension

One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension

Place of Origin:Shandong, China Brand Name:cogentbeauty Model Number:1 second fanning Type:Hand Made False Eyelashes Style:Thick Curl:B, C, D, J Thickness:0.05mm, 0.07MM False Eyelashe Type:Individual Lashes False Eyelashes Band:no stalk color:natural black package:10/12/16/20 rows per tray payment:paypal, western union, T/T, moneygram sample:offering free sample length:6-17mm material:top Korean PBT fiber
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How to remove your false eyelash?

Use a cotton swab to take a proper amount of cleansing oil and wipe the roots of the one Second flowering Eyelash Extension first. It is worth noting that when rubbing the roots of the eyelashes, be sure to gently rub the false eyelashes.

The root of the One Second flowering Eyelash Extension that have been cleaned with cleansing oil will fall off after a few minutes, so don't force yourself to tear the false eyelashes that stick to the eyelids when you upload the false eyelashes, because this will cause your original eyelashes to be torn off. Forcibly tearing the false eyelashes for a long time will make the eyelids loose or even drop.

After the One Second flowering Eyelash Extension are completely separated and removed by the cleansing oil, use a clean makeup remover to pour the new cleansing oil onto the cleansing cotton, then apply the makeup remover to the eyes. When applying the makeup remover to the eyes, be sure to close. Your own eyes, because this can prevent the cleansing oil from entering the eyes, thus hurting the eyes. After the makeup remover cotton is applied for 10 seconds in the eye, take off the makeup remover cotton. When you take off the makeup remover, pack it up and gently take it out. The false eyelashes are easily removed.


Private Label Bloom In 1 Second  Eyelash Extension