0.20mm Classic Faux Mink Eyelash Extension

0.20mm individual lash ,very natural and safe to be used on your lashes .
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Maybe you have heard of these two types of eyelashes before. After all, eyelashes are now a pretty big wave, and there are many ways to make them look real. Personally, eyelashes are my life. I have worn primarily every type you can name whether it is strips, extensions or individuals. 

Then, today let's do the 0.20mm Classic Faux Mink Eyelash Extension for good looking. Our brand material uses Korea PBT fiber, which is accepted by customers all over the world, it is safe and will not harm your natural eyelashes, and it can keep longer based on good maintenance after grafting.

One of my customers reported that this kind of eyelashes are about 0.20 grams of classic artificial mink false eyelashes. When her customers look back to replenish their eyelashes, 80% of the eyelashes still remain, and still look very OK, so the products are accepted by more and more customers. 

Besides, the drafting effect is very good, we provide different curls for you to choose, the length is available in 8-18cm for different requirements.

So please don't wait, let's do it!  


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