Tweezers Eyelash

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Material:Stainless Steel
Color:Black, Blue, Red, Pink,Green,yellow,Customized color
Packing:Customized Packaging
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                                                How to ues eyelash extension tweezers

As the saying goes: if a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. To become a professional eyelash artist, the choice of auxiliary products in the process of eyelash grafting is also very important. We don't have to have everything, but we must have the essentials.

Today, I will talk about the various auxiliary products used for eyelash grafting, but because there are so many tools and various products involved, I will only talk about some necessities. If you encounter other things, you can choose according to your own situation.

The national standard double tweezers, everyone should know this, one is used for hair division, and the other is used for grafting. Here is a reminder for new entrants to develop a good habit of using tweezers. Don’t use toothpicks or acne needles to replace hair-sharing tweezers. Some even just pull eyelids with one hand and graft with tweezers. This is all Undesirable operating habits.

Tweezers come in various shapes and materials, and many students do not know how to choose. The first thing to know is the use of tweezers. Generally, they are: dividing hairs, picking single roots and multiple roots (flowering). Some are universal. This depends on personal habits. Basically, a straight tweezers or a curved tweezers will do. In terms of the material of tweezers, steel is more common, heavier, and the price is lower; titanium alloy is ultra-light tweezers with better accuracy and higher price.

Place of Origin

Shandong, China


Stainless Steel


Black, Blue, Red, Pink,Green,yellow,Customized color


Customized Packaging


1. May I take some samples for testing before order ?
Yes, but customers need to pay for express fees.

2. Can you give me a discount for the products?

Yes, our policy is that bigger quantity,cheaper price, so we will quoto you the best price based on your order quantity.

3. How long can i get the samples?
3~7 days after the deposit payment is confirmed.

4. What’s the price terms can you offer for us?
We can accept EXW, FOB, CIF and so on.

5.Can we have customized packages ?

Yes ,we can offer OEM ,customized LOGO ,customized items as your requirement. 

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