Training Practice Lash

place of origin: Shandong, China
Material: Faux mink
Handle Mate: Normal
color: Black
Shipping Method: DHL UPS FEDEX EMS TNT
logo: Customized Logo, ODM&OEM can be offered.
quality: Top Quality
Payment: Paypal, MoneyGram, T/T, Western Union
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Product Details

"Eyelash grafting" is completely different from glued false eyelashes. It grafts a section of artificial eyelashes on the basis of the original eyelashes. The length and curvature to be grafted can vary from person to person. Various effects can be designed according to different eye shapes and different needs to achieve the ideal length and curvature. After the grafting is completed, the eyes are shining, which makes people feel bright. Because it is more necessary to use training practice lash to make your grafting technique higher, allowing customers to get the best results.

1. Achieve beautiful eyes easily in an instant, add charm to yourself, and make you look more energetic.

2. Grafting eyelashes to protect your eyes, let you say goodbye to the damage of false eyelashes, avoid the pain of perm eyelashes, and avoid the trouble and embarrassment of applying mascara.

3. Reduce makeup time and let you sleep 30 minutes more every day.

4. It is more natural and vivid than false eyelashes and can achieve the same effect as real eyelashes.

5. No need for mascara and eyeliner, natural and comfortable without any discomfort. Long-lasting and non-shedding, as long as the life of natural eyelashes.

6. The eyelashes are thick, long and curly, making the eyes exceptionally beautiful and exuding charming charm. Better resist dust, strong light and ultraviolet rays, and protect eyes.

Using training practice lash can minimize errors and make your company more likely to succeed.


Product Description

Product Name

Training Practice lash


Faux Mink




hand made


training lashes 

eyelash factory


Q 1: How many kinds of eyelash materials do you have?

A: We can provide different materials, such as mink skins, synthetic fibers,artificial minks and so on.

Q 2: Do you provide free samples?

A:Yes, of course, but I'm afraid you should bear the freight.

Q 3: Do you provide customized packaging?

A:Yes, of course. We have good connections with printing and packaging factories, so we can customize packaging with your logo and brand. You only need to send the original image of the logo, we will make the design, and then use the confirmed logo in your eyelash order.

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