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                                        How to use tape for eyelash extension

 As we all know, when grafting eyelashes, the lower eyelid must be attached to the eyelid to protect the eyes. What should we pay attention to when attaching the eyelash? Now let me tell everyone one by one.

How to use tape for eyelash extension is mainly the following three points.the first.During or after the tape is applied, it should be confirmed whether the customer feels discomfort or whether the tape touches the film,This is very important. The eyes are a very important organ of the human body, so you should not be careless.second,Ask the customer to close their eyes and roll their eyes to see if they feel the light,Even if you close your eyes, your eyes are moving. If the adhesive tape comes into contact with the eyes or the film, it may injure the eyes during eye movements, so special attention is required. In addition, even if the customer has completely closed their eyes from the eyelash artist's point of view, they may still think that there are eye gaps in the tape. If the eyelashes are grafted in the unclosed state, the eyes will lose their moisturizing ability. Blinking alone can cause pain and may hurt your eyes. In addition, it is said that most modern people have dry eyes. Dry eyes may cause other symptoms. Even when the eyelashes are grafted, the eyes cannot be left in a dry state. It should be determined whether the customer has completely closed the eyes and then completed the grafting.

Do you know how to use tape for eyelash extension?Pay attention to this, you are a very good grafter.




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