Eyelash Extension Tape Cutter

Production Name:Eyelash Extension Tape Cutter
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Color:Clear color
Packing:Customized Packaging
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Eyelash ExtensionTape Cutter are also called tape cutters, which are mainly used for tape cutting. What are the advantages of using tape cutters?

1. Small size. After the tape cutter is installed with tape, it basically does not take up space, and the tape is always close to the center body during the use of the tape cutter. The more you use the tape, the smaller the volume. Moreover, the tape can be organized so that the tape is not messy and can be placed neatly.

2. The cost is very low. The tape cutter is generally made of plastic, and the shape is simple and easy to make. The color is generally transparent, it is easier to check the condition inside.

3. Eyelash ExtensionTape Cutter is very convenient to use, and it is designed according to people's habits. It can cut the tape more simply, without cutting the tape when grafting, avoiding trouble and delay.

Manufacturers generally buy Eyelash ExtensionTape Cutter when using tape. This is because of the various advantages of tape cutters, which allow companies to obtain convenient, cheap and trouble-free tools.

Any need of it ,you can tell me ,then we can show the detail using method for you ,it will be easier to check it .

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1.Q:What's your delivery time? 

    A:Usually delivery for samples or small quantity in stock is within 2 days. 

Some special products within 15 days.

2.Q:Can you help me to design my lash card? 

   A:Yes, if you tell us your idea and send your logo, we can help to make some easy design.

3.Q:Is it okay to make my own package? 

   A:Yes dear, you can make your own design. 

4.Q:What's the minimum order quantity?

   A: 2 pcs, if your quantity is over 300 trays, please click here.

5.Q:How many days can we got the cargo? 

    A: Usually 3-9 working days by Alibaba express, 2-7 working days by Fedex.

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