Sponge Ball Tweezers Cleaner

Production Name:Sponge Ball Tweezers Cleaner
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Usage:Removing Glue on Tweezers
Packing:Glass Bottle or Customized Packaging
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Our Qingdao Cogentbeauty is now launching this eyelash extension tweezers cleaning tool. No Scratching Eyelash Extension Tweezers Cleaning Tools with Remover Liquid and Sponge Ball Tweezers Cleaner, which will make the tweezers clean better, more convenient and cleaner.

How to clean and disinfect the tool stick and tweezers for wearing contact lenses:

1. Before cleaning and disinfecting tools, the most important first step is to wash your hands. After washing, do not touch anything before cleaning and disinfecting tools;

2. Spectacle case, tool stick, tweezers, clean with special care solution for contact lenses or boiling water regularly (clean 1-2 times a week);

3. Every time you prepare to use contact lenses, you should clean the shower tool stick and tweezers with the care solution, and then take the lens. After cleaning the lens, use the tool stick to wear it.

4. When you wear contact lenses, buy a spectacle case, which will be equipped with tool sticks and tweezers. The service life of these two tools and spectacle cases is the same. Generally, it is 3 months and needs to be replaced. After all, the eyes are very fragile. Sensitive, be cautious, re-purchase replacement after three or four months;

5. Hot water can also be used for disinfection.

But now there is no need for such complicated steps, only three simple steps can completely clean the tweezers.

1. Put our product Sponge Ball Tweezers Cleaner on a flat place and open the lid

2. Put the dirty tweezers with glue traces into it to clamp the sponge and swing it a few times

3. Take out the tweezers and you will find a brand new tweezers.

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1: What is the MOQ for the products?

   Depending on the order details. Large quantity can get the discount.

2: Do you take orders for private labels?

   Yes. We do. We can make your own private paper card as your requirement.

3: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

   Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo and your request, we will make the design.

4.Can I get any discount?

   The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity. If you buying in bulk for an occasion. We offer you wholesale price.

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