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Place of Origin:Korean
Brand Name:Cogentbeauty
Name:Eyelash glue
Shipping:3-7working days
MOQ:20 pieces
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How to dilute the lash glue after it dries?

You can add a little lotion to the lash glue. After adding the lotion, shake the eyelash glue bottle a few times to fully mix the ingredients inside to achieve the effect of dilution, and the originally dried eyelash glue can be used. Eyelash glue is easy to dry, so you need to tighten the lid when using it, and do not store it in direct sunlight.

Generally speaking, the shelf life of eyelash glue is three months, and it will not dry out easily when used within the shelf life. During the shelf life, if you feel that the eyelash glue is a bit dry and the viscosity is not particularly good, it is possible to dilute it by adding toner, but the effect may not be as good as before. After buying eyelash glue, pay attention to the preservation environment. It needs to be placed in a ventilated and cool place, and avoid direct sunlight. The storage environment is suitable. Tighten the lid after use to reduce the possibility of the eyelash glue drying out.



Eyelash glue


5 ml or 10 ml


Bottles or Customized


Paypal, West union ,money gram, BankT/T etc.


Q1: Do you supply free samples?
A: Yes, sure. But you should pay the Express delivery charges. 
Q2: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?
A: Yes, of course. We can make customized package for you. 
Q3: Is there MOQ for the eyelash primer?
A: Dear, usually 20 pieces.
Q4: What about the payment ?

A: Our common payment is paypal, we will delivery after you pay. Other ways are also accepted.

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