Lash Glue Storage Jar

Product name:Lash Glue Storage Jar
Place of origin:Shandong,China
Color:Black as customed requirements
Size:high 8.5c* wide7cm
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Product Details

When the glue is used, it is best to maintain the temperature at 18-25℃. If the temperature is too high, the quality of the vinyl will decrease and affect the viscosity; on the contrary, if the temperature is too low, the quality of the vinyl will also be affected. . If after you use the glue, the temperature and humidity cannot reach the control requirements, then we need our Lash Glue Storage Jar. Of course, if the indoor humidity is maintained at 55%, and the acceptable range is between 50-65%, the curing speed of vinyl will increase when the humidity reaches 65% or above, and the toughness will also decrease. , Will be much weaker than normal. This is why many eyelash artists say that the same glue suddenly becomes weak. Therefore, many eyelash artists also choose Lash Glue Storage Jar. Conversely, if the humidity is too low because there is not enough moisture to help, the hardening speed of the glue will slow down. Because you need to fix a temperature and humidity, you need to choose a Lash Glue Storage Jar.

Make sure to squeeze out the unsqueezed vinyl and air at the mouth of the bottle together, wipe it off with tissue paper, and tighten the bottle cap.

Please make sure that the glue stands upright, not lying flat or on its side.

Do not face the air-conditioning outlet such as the air conditioner


Product Description



Lash Glue Storage Jar


as picture or clear


Activated Carbon


Make the glue storage tank more durable

Product Size

about 0.29in*0.35in

Large capacity

Store at least 3 pcs eyelash extension glues.

Custom Logo 3pcs Glue Tank Eyelash Extension Container Storage Tank For Extending Eyelash Adhesive Hot Sale Short Shipping 






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1.Q: Do you charge for samples? 

A: We can offer a free sample for the mass production order, or return the sample fee to your order. 

2. Q: Can you do customized logo or design? 

A: Yes, we do OEM & ODM services, MOQ based on the requirements. 

3. Q: How do you guarantee the quality? 


1) Our factory has been working with world famous brands like Mi and Huawei,NanJiRen with the first-class quality managementsystem. 

2) We have the strict quality control system - 100% function and appearance inspection on the production lines, and our QC dept.double inspect the products with the AQL standard before delivery.

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