Lash Glue Container Tank

Product name:eyelash glue storage tank
Place of origin:Shandong,China
Color:Black as customed requirements
Size:high 8.5c* wide7cm
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Product Details

eyelash extension adhesive lash glue container tank


1.High quality material make the glue storage tank more durable.

2.Easily extend the storing time of eyelash glue.

3.Large capacity and great for store at least 3 pcs eyelash extension glues.

4.The built-in activated carbon can effectively absorb irritating colloidal vulcanization and retain moisture

This product uses

The lash glue container tank has a food-grade sealing ring: effectively dehumidify, reduce moisture, reduce the curing conditions of the glue, and effectively improve the freshness of the glue.

Double-layer sealed tank: effectively prevent the glue from sticking and prolong the service life.

Silica gel antibacterial activated carbon: It has moisture-proof and antibacterial effects, can cause the volatile smell of the adhesive, prevent the adhesive from drying and coagulation, reduce the risk of allergies during eyelash grafting, and provide pre-production products.

Glue fixing groove: According to the characteristics of the glue groove, the glue can be effectively fixed to prevent the bottle mouth from being blocked due to inclination. It is stored in an isolation room in layers without causing glue mixing

lash glue container tank description:

Air inlet and outlet:

The special leak-proof design, the tank with the sealing button can effectively protect the adhesive from moisture.

Why is it completely black?

We choose black because it protects the adhesive from direct light. Moreover, it is a fashionable and classic color.


Product Description


Lash Glue Storage Jar
as picture or clear
Activated Carbon
Make the glue storage tank more durable
Product Size
about 0.29in*0.35in
Large capacity
Store at least 3 pcs eyelash extension glues



Q: Can you offer sample?

A: Yes we can, but you need the pay the shipping fee if you want to ship by express.

Q: Can I have discount?

A: The price here is bottom low for 100pcs. If you order more, we can provide more discounts. Please contact us if your order more than 1000 pcs.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: It depends on the total weight of your order and the way you chose for shipping, we can provide DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex and China Post, if you want other shipping method, please contact us freely.

Q: Can you offer Customer Service after sales?

A: Yes, we can provide professional customer serivice after you make the order.

Q: What Can I do if the goods arrived is broken?

A: Don't worry, my dear friend, it will not happen. And if it do happen, we will send free goods again.

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