Lash Foam

Type:Machine made
Name:Lash Foam
MOQ:20 pieces
Logo:OEM & ODM
Color:3 colors
Quality: non-toxic and harmless
Features: fine foam
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Product Details

There are two types of cleaning:

One is cleansing liquid and the other is Lash Foam.

The main difference between the two models is that the cleansing liquid is water-like and the cleansing mousse is foam-like. The cleansing mousse can deeply clean the makeup residue on the eyelashes and hair follicle secretions.

For seven-day repair of grafted eyelashes, it must be cleaned with a Lash Foam, because the cleaning solution needs to be sprayed on the cotton sheet and cotton swab, but the cotton swab or cotton sheet rubs the joints of the real and fake eyelash glues, and the cotton wool hooks on the eyelashes. Situation, so clean mousse must be used. Both cleaning items are daily essential items for eyelash grafting. The cleanser is shallow cleansing, and the mousse is deep cleansing.

How to clean:

1. Take an appropriate amount of Lash Foam and place it in your palm. Note that you must choose a mild mousse like ours, so as not to cause the glue to dissolve and cause eyelashes to fall.

2. Wash the eyes, press gently with a wet towel, try to avoid rubbing the roots of the eyelashes.

3. Wipe off the water. Please dry the eyes by pressing.



Lash Foam


Aqua, Sodium Coceth30-Sulfate, PEG80-Sorbitan Laurate, Dcanoyl/ octanoyl-glycerides,
Propylene Glycol, Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, 
Imidazolidinyl Urea, EDTA Disodium, FragranceNatural ingredient, soft gental no irritation 


3 colors as the pictures


60ml /30ml

Private Label Service

Acceptable (price do not include logo )


20 pieces



Q:what size bottles are available?What colour is the lid?

A:30/60ml (white/clear bottle with white/ rose gold / gold lid)

Q:do you have clear bottles?
A:60 ml transparent bottle can be customized

Q:can I customize personal labels?
A:of course

Q:How much does it cost to customize the private label?
A:It depending on the complexity of the LOGO.

Q:How long will it take to deliver?
A:No customized labels, 7-9 working days;Custom labels, 2-3 weeks.
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