Lash Extension Remover

Place of Origin:Korean
Brand Name:IBeauty
Name:Lash Extension Remover
Volume:50ml or 30,100ml
MOQ:20 pieces
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What makes the grafted eyelashes easy to fall off? 

1.Clean eyelashes are not in place, grease and dust are not clean, eyelashes are easy to fall off, because grease can break down glue, therefore, there are some cleaners on the market that have the function of cleaning and strengthening two in one, so that they can be in place at one time ! Remember, if you want to keep your eyelashes off, you must clean it. 

2.The adhesion of the roots of the eyelashes is not handled properly. First, the roots are curled. Second, the true and false eyelashes are hollow. Both types of eyelashes are easy to fall off. When sticking the eyelashes, you must pay attention to prevent it from curling. , Will affect our aesthetics. 

3.Glue, glue is also an important factor. The speed can't keep up with the glue. Quick-drying glue is suitable for veterans, and novices are suitable for medium-drying or slow-drying glue. Failure to keep up with the speed will cause the glue to dry quickly. When you go up, the natural stickiness is also lost. Also, when your glue is drawing, it can't be used anymore. Even if you connect it, it will fall off. Don't save this glue! 

Of course, there is also the importance of Lash Extension Remover. After using it, you will definitely cut a lot of worries.

4.Maintenance, even if your technique is good, clean and clean, and maintenance is not done well in the later period, it is a waste of nothing. 

When you have done the previous points, you must tell the customer about the maintenance problem! If your skills are average, then use the Lash Extension Remover, you will know its value only when you use it!



Lash Extension Remover


50 ml or 30ml, 100ml


Bottles or Customized


Paypal West union T/T etc.



Q1: Do you supply free samples?

A: Yes, sure. Our company can provide 3 boxes of eyelash samples for free. But you should pay the Express delivery charges. 

Q2: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

A: Yes, sure. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo, and we will make the design, confirm, print and use for your lash orders.

Q3: Is there MOQ for the eyelash?

A: No MOQ for sample order. If you need to customize the label, the minimum order quantity is 100 boxes.

Q4: Which payment way is workable?

Our most common payment way is paypal, we will delivery after you pay. 

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