IB Fast Drying Glue

Place of Origin:Korean
Brand Name:IB fast drying glue
Name:Eyelash glue
Shipping:3-7working days
MOQ:20 pieces
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Product Details

IB fast drying glue Features:

1. This glue launched by Qingdao Cogentbeauty is a certified glue used by grafting experts. Many experienced and technical experts have personally tested and proved that this glue feels very good to use, can dry very quickly, and the waiting process is just right, and it will not make people feel annoying. It is within the range of people's patience. In the process of grafting eyelashes, the drying time can be ignored, which proves that this glue feels very moderate to use and is very pleasing.

2. This IB fast drying glue is different from most glues we see in the market. We pay attention to the stimulation and influence on people on this glue. We attach great importance to reducing the irritation to the human body and improving the drying speed of the glue. This is very suitable Skilled grafting experts also support the use of grafting novices, it is worth a try.

3. The raw material of this IB fast drying glue is relatively safe and non-irritating. Using it on the eyelashes of the human body will reduce the irritation and firmness. Moreover, the adhesiveness of the glue can last for more than four weeks. The time is very lasting. Don't worry. Will fall off in a short time.

4. At the same time, we will avoid making the glue too viscous during the experiment and reduce the consistency of the glue. This will avoid threads on the eyelashes during the grafting process and after the grafting is completed. Too thick will not be good, and sometimes the effect will be counterproductive.


IB fast drying glue


5 ml or 10 ml


Bottles or Customized


Paypal, West union ,money gram, BankT/T etc.

IB glue3

IB glueeye patch factory


1: What is the MOQ for the products?

   Depending on the order details. Large quantity can get the discount.

2: Do you take orders for private labels?

   Yes. We do. We can make your own private paper card as your requirement.

3: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

   Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo and your request, we will make the design.

4.Can I get any discount?

   The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity. If you buying in bulk for an occasion. We offer you wholesale price.

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