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                      How to use eyelash tweezers private label to extend eyelashes

 Humans don’t do everything with their hands, which represents the progress of society.

The use of tweezers to graft eyelashes also shows that humans are increasingly using tools to accelerate the speed of beauty.

Then how to use eyelash tweezers private label to extend eyelashes,Before that, I must say that the hygiene of tweezers is very important,Because the eyes are very sensitive areas, if you don't take good care of them, it can lead to very serious results. Diseases like stye, eye infections, etc.

Ok now i want to focus on how to use eyelash tweezers private label to extend eyelashes.After disinfection, the eyelash curler is parallel to the eyelash strip and is brought out directly in front of the eyelashes one third of the time.After applying glue, place it to the 1/3 of the distance from the root of the eyelashes.Although this process is relatively easy, there are still technical differences in the actual grafting. The eyelashes grafted by different technical teachers feel different. Of course, the quality of the tweezers is also very important. No way.

Our Qingdao Cogentbeauty C&A Co.,Ltd tweezers have been reviewed by many technical teachers and are very qualified. If you are suffering from a headache and have not found a good tweezers, and you have not played your true level, please contact me to buy it. Let yourself have a handy tweezers, go to the grafting place for more beautiful eyelashes.

Item name

eyelash tweezers


Stainless steel tweezers


Grafting tweezers




Do you provide samples?

Yes, we offer free sample, but please pay for the express cost.

Can you supply order with customer logo and package?

Of course, we can. But it needs MOQ.

What's the price range for each pair of eyelash?

Please contact us for special lashes price based on special styles.

What are the materials used for your  tweezers

Stainless steel tweezers


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