Eyelash Tape

Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Product name:Eyelash Tape
Color:Pink/ Green/ White
Weight:12g/pcs , 0.3kg per box
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Product Details

Precautions for eyelash tape storage:

1. Adhesive tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sunlight and rain; no contact with acid-base oil and organic solvents, keep it clean and dry, 1m away from the discovery device, the room temperature is between -15℃~40℃.

2. Adhesive tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be turned over once a quarter when stored for too long.

3. When loading and unloading the conveyor belt, use a crane, and use a rigging with a beam to hoist it smoothly to avoid damaging the belt edges. Do not load and unload arbitrarily, which may cause loose rolls and throw sets.

4. The type and specifications of the eyelash tape should be selected reasonably according to the use needs and specific conditions.

5. It is not allowed to use tapes of different varieties, specifications, strengths, and layers of cloth together (matching groups).

6. The diameter of the conveyor roller of the conveyor and the diameter of the small pulley of the conveyor belt should meet the relevant regulations.

7. Do not make the tape snake or creep, keep the drag roller, the vertical roller flexible, and the tension should be moderate.

8. When the conveyor is equipped with baffles and cleaning devices, the abrasion of the tape should be avoided.

9. Cleanliness is the basic condition for the good operation of the tape. Foreign matter will affect the eccentricity of the tape, the difference in tension, and even break.


Eyelash tapes


Machine made


Eyelash Grafting


Soft Colorful Easy to tear





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