Eyelash Remover

Eyelash remover
place of origin: Shandong, China
name: Eyelash remover
color: clear
package: bottles
logo: Customized Logo, ODM&OEM can be offered.
type:IB remover
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Product Details

In daily life, grafting eyelashes is a common beauty method for many people. Grafting eyelashes is more natural and vivid than ordinary false eyelashes, and it is also more realistic. However, after grafting eyelashes, it needs to be removed. To remove makeup with a gentle method, you can first wipe with olive oil to make the false eyelashes soft, and at the same time use the makeup remover to wipe the root of the false eyelashes to gently remove.

Eyelash Remover Operating Instructions:

1. Purchase Eyelash Remover. If you can’t go to the salon, you can try to remove the eyelashes yourself with a remover. You can buy Eyelash Remover in most pharmacies and online. Eyelash Remover is a mild dissolving agent, similar to nail polish remover.

2. Remove eye makeup. Use a gentle makeup remover to remove the mascara and eyeliner from the eyes to see the roots of natural eyelashes and false eyelashes. Use glue remover. Follow the steps below to loosen false eyelashes using a remover.

3. Take an appropriate amount of glue remover from the cotton swab, then use a cotton swab to pass along the eyeliner, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently tap a small circle, and the remover will start to melt the glue.

4. Remove the lashes that are about to fall off. Wipe the eyeliner back and forth about fifteen times, pinch the root of the false eyelashes with your index finger and thumb, and gently apply eyelashes to fall.

5. Remove the residual glue from the eyelid part. After removing the eyelashes, wipe the upper eyelid again with a Eyelash Remover to remove the remaining glue.

6. Clean eyelashes. Wash your face with warm water and wash off the remaining scavenger.

Product Description

Product Name

Eyelash Remover


Stainless steel




4-20 degree centigrade(4-10 is the best)


Customized as your requet

Custom Packaging


eyelash remover 截图eyelash remover packaging.1jpg_看图王eyelash remover packaging_看图王

eyelash remover factory


1: What is the MOQ for the products?

   Depending on the order details. Large quantity can get the discount.

2: Do you take orders for private labels?

   Yes. We do. We can make your own private paper card as your requirement.

3: Do you supply custom packaging and accept OEM?

   Yes. We can make custom packaging for you. You just need to send the logo and your request, we will make the design.

4. Are you trader or manufacture?

   We are the biggest manufacture of eyelashes in China, with more than 15 years' experience.

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