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One trick to use the eyelash mannequin head to find a sense of reality

Have you encountered such a problem? You have practiced on false eyelashes many times, and feel that you are very proficient, but when you use a real person, you feel dumbfounded, your hands tremble, your heart trembles, your eyes tremble, and you become very nervous . I'm used to practicing one layer of eyelashes on the eyelash mannequin. When I see so many layers of eyelashes suddenly, I feel rushed and don't know how to start.

What should I do next?

In order to solve this problem, I teach you a trick to find the feeling of real action on the model's head.

That is to stick 5 layers of eyelashes in succession on the head of the model, and stick them together. It is best to choose longer and softer eyelashes, which are closer to real eyelashes.

The most difficult thing to solve when we transition from model head to real person is the problem of eyelash layering. I don't know which layer the eyelashes should be grafted on, or which layer to start with.

When we are grafting, as long as we gently press the customer's eyelid with the ring finger, the roots of the eyelashes will be easily revealed.

After the roots of the eyelashes are revealed, we need to use straight tweezers for assistance. The tweezers are closed into the eyelashes. After locking the target eyelashes, separate the tweezers and lift it up.

Solved the problem of no real model and the inability to see the level of the eyelashes. Let's talk about where we should start.

The human body's eyelashes generally have three to five layers, and more people have four and five layers of eyelashes. How to graft so many layers of eyelashes?

Generally speaking, we start grafting from the bottom to the top, and apply pillars on the bottom layer of eyelashes to control the shape, because the bottom layer of eyelashes are stronger, and the pillars on this layer are the strongest.

There are general situations and unusual situations. Some customers' eyelashes grow downward, which is what we call trichiasis.

If trichiasis occurs, we don't want to graft on the bottom layer, but from the bottom to the second layer to look for normal and strong eyelashes to start grafting. Because if the customer's eyelashes grow downwards, and you graft on the bottom layer, the eyelashes will grow downward and droop, which is very unsightly.

In addition, we should also pay attention to that the uppermost layer of eyelashes is best not to be grafted, because the uppermost layer of eyelashes is mostly very soft, and it will be more curled than other layers of eyelashes. Grafting this layer will not only burden the eyelashes, but also appear very uncoordinated.

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Eyelash Extension Mannequin head




Practice planting eyelash and packing up




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Q 1: How many kinds of eyelash materials do you have?

A: We can provide different materials, such as mink skins, synthetic fibers, artificial minks and so on.

Q 2: Do you provide free samples?

A:Yes, of course, but I'm afraid you should bear the freight.

Q 3: Do you provide customized packaging?

A:Yes, of course. We have good connections with printing and packaging factories, so we can customize packaging with your logo and

brand. You only need to send the original image of the logo, we will make the design, and then use the confirmed logo in your eyelash order.

Q 4: Do eyelash orders have MOQ?

A:MOQ is 20 pcs.

Q 5: How many days can you ship these products?

A: Sample order: 3-7 days, batch order: 10-15 days.

Q 6: How many eyelashes can I use?

A: 20-30 times, in an appropriate and gentle manner.

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