Eyelash Glue Storage Tank

Product name:eyelash glue storage tank
Place of origin:Shandong,China
Color:Black as customed requirements
Size:high 8.5c* wide7cm
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Product Details

When the glue is not in use, it is recommended to store the glue in a cool place that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. If the temperature is too high, place the Eyelash Glue Storage Tank after it is sealed. Of course, you can also choose to put it in the refrigerator, but you must control the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator, but you need to pay attention to the complete deicing before use, and return to normal temperature before use. It must be completely sealed before putting it in the refrigerator to avoid moisture infiltration However, it will affect the quality of the glue!

In areas with low temperature, it is recommended to seal it completely. If there is no Eyelash Glue Storage Tank, it can be stored in a moisture-proof bag to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the quality of the glue. Because each time you open the glue, the glue components will come into contact with the air, so keeping the bottle cap tightly closed is also one of the important steps to preserve the glue, and it is recommended that the glue after opening should be used within 30-50 days to achieve the best use effect.

special reminder:

After squeezing out the required glue, tilt the bottle body at a 45° angle and squeeze out the air in the bottle, leaving the remaining glue in the bottle mouth by mistake.


Product Description



Eyelash glue storage tank




ALu. material 


Make the glue storage tank more durable

Product Size

about 0.29in*0.35in

Large capacity

Store at least 3 pcs eyelash extension glues.



Q: Can you offer sample?

A: Yes we can, but you need the pay the shipping fee if you want to ship by express.

Q: Can I have discount?

A: The price here is bottom low for 100pcs. If you order more, we can provide more discounts. Please contact us if your order more than 1000 pcs.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: It depends on the total weight of your order and the way you chose for shipping, we can provide DHL, EMS, TNT, Fedex and China Post, if you want other shipping method, please contact us freely.

Q: Can you offer Customer Service after sales?

A: Yes, we can provide professional customer serivice after you make the order.

Q: What Can I do if the goods arrived is broken?

A: Don't worry, my dear friend, it will not happen. And if it do happen, we will send free goods again.

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