Eyelash Glue Storage Jar

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Model Number:Jar-001
MOQ:20 pcs
Usage:Eyelash Glue storage
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About the Glue storage and our eyelash glue storage jar

The failure of the glue is closely related to the temperature and humidity of the storage environment. Temperature and humidity will affect the drying speed of the glue. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the faster the glue will dry; humidity will affect the glue film, and excessive humidity may cause glue absorption Moisture will cause the adhesive force to decrease or even lose the adhesive force; too low temperature may cause the glue resin to crystallize, which will make the glue lose its viscosity or weaken its viscosity at low temperatures; on the contrary, too high temperature may soften the adhesive film and reduce the bonding strength. At a temperature above 30°C and a relative humidity above 75%, the mold contained in the glue can multiply rapidly. Therefore, the storage glue must have the ability to control temperature and humidity, and the temperature and humidity must not fluctuate too much.

Humidity and high temperature also make it difficult to preserve the glue. For example, after the glue is poured out, if it is not used up on the same day, it will often turn white and agglomerate after being left overnight, forming a gel. In contrast, when the weather is cold in winter, glue that has not been used up may still maintain good transparent fluidity. On the other hand, in winter when the temperature is low, the glue becomes sticky.

So keep the proper temperature when storing glue.

Our eyelash glue storage jar can use a smaller space to store glue, and it is very convenient to access.


Product name

Eyelash glue storage Jar






Glue storage

Delivery time

3-7 working days





1. Are you the facturer?
Yes, we are the facturer with more than 15 years of experience for various eyelashes and accessories.
2.Can you provide samples?
Free samples 5-10 pieces can be provided, but you're kindly requested to pay for the shipping cost.
3: How to pay?
We can accept the payment by Paypal, Western Union,and T/T or make deal on alibaba plateform.
4:Can we print our own brand for the patches ?
Of course. We accepted OEM and ODM.
5:How about the delivery time?
Delivery in 3-10 days. Goods shipped by Sea, by Air, by Express door to door service (Fedex,TNT,DHL,EMS UPS) .

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