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                                             How to use eyelash glue private labe

No matter how good a technician is, it is impossible to complete this step without a strong glue.SO here comes eyelash glue private labe.And after a long time of use,many loyal customers have come to depend on Sky Glue because they have found that the products provide the longest lasting retention. Sky/cogentbeauty Glue S+ in particular, offers an industry leading 6-7 weeks of retention and is widely considered the best eyelash extension adhesive on the market.

No matter how good the glue is, use it in the correct way. Let me introduce how to use sky.first of all,The importance of adjusting your humidity,Humidity affects how quickly Sky Glue will dry. If your environment is too humid, your glue will dry too quickly and you are not providing the strongest possible bond,secondly,Adjust the Use Primer,Only use Primer when absolutely necessary. Primer contains alcohol and has a tendency to “over dry” the natural lash. The natural lash must have some moisture for Sky Glue to adhere to it. If the lash is too dry, Sky Glue will not adhere well. This is also reaffirms the importance of humidity control.thirdly,be cleaned.Sky Glue needs a clean lash to grab onto. Residues and debris can create a barrier between the glue and the natural eyelash. This will weaken the bond of Sky Glue and create an immediate retention issue.

I believe that by paying attention to these, you can use sky better.Make this eyelash glue private labe better and better。


Eyelash glue









1:How long will the strong glue last?

    No external force for about three months

2:How long will the express arrive?

     5 to 7 working days

3:What service do we have?


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