Eyelash Extension Crystal Glue Rings

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:Customized
Name:Eyelash Extension Crystal Glue Ring
Type:Machine Made
Package:Carton Box
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Product Details

The brife introduction of our Eyelash Extension Crystal Glue Rings

As the value of crystal increases, more people like it.

Our eyelash extension glue rings are made of crystal. The artificial crystal is glass containing lead oxide. The higher the lead oxide content, the higher the refractive index and hardness, the more pure and crystallized the finished product, and the more difficult it is to cut. The rarer it is. Therefore, the value of high-quality crystal vessels is very different from ordinary glass or low-refractive crystal.

How to distinguish between crystal and glass? Listening to the sound, the sound you hear when you flick different utensils with your hand will be different. The sound of man-made crystal products is clear and crisp, and there will be a feeling of reverberation after hitting like a metal. The sound of "clang" with metallic sound, the more hardness The higher the crystal, the louder the sound. On the other hand, the sound of glass products is muffled, no echo, and a dull "pop" sound.

Looking at the luster, compared under the sun, the colorful light refracted by high-quality crystals is bright in color, and the transition light is very natural and rich. The color of glass refraction is often incomplete and dim. Its transparency is compared under natural light. High-quality crystal has high transparency and shows a crystal white, while ordinary glass or impure crystal will be yellow or mixed with blue.

And we have Eyelash Extension Crystal Glue Rings in different colors to choose from, and you can also put your own logo to make your eyelash grafting look more professional.

NameEyelash Extension Crystal Glue Rings 
ColorTransparant, pink, yellow
FeatureAdjustable, convenient, easy to use and wash
Time 3-7 Working days






1. Are you the facturer?
Yes, we are the facturer with more than 15 years of experience for various eyelashes and rings.
2.Can you provide samples?
Free samples 5-10 pieces can be provided, but you're kindly requested to bear the shipping cost.
3: How to pay?
We can accept the payment by Paypal(Escrow), Western Union,and T/T or make deal on alibaba plateform.
4:Can we print our own brand for the rings ?
Of course. We accepted OEM and ODM.
5:How about the delivery time?
Delivery in 3-10 days. Goods shipped by Sea, by Air, by Express door to door service (Fedex,TNT,DHL,EMS UPS) .

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